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Candle Making Kit

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Our candle making kit provides you with the best introduction to making soy candles by giving you all the components you need and simple, step-by-step instructions to help kick-start your candle making knowledge.

This kit contains:

6 x Wick Stickums (15mm)

6 x CDN wicks

6 x Medium Oxford Candle Glasses in Transparent White

3 x 300g bars soy wax 

3 x 30 ml Candle Fragrance Oils

Lotus Flower

Tropical Coconut

Champagne and Strawberries

2 x Wick Holders

2 x Wooden Pegs

1 x Bamboo Stick

1 x Mercury Thermometer 

1 x Wax Pouring Jug 1 Litre

6 x Round Warning Labels



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